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Workshop on “RHSTEP's Reproductive Health Education and Services program for garments worker entitled “Review and looking forward”

RHSTEP arranged a workshop “RHSTEP's Reproductive Health Education and Services program for garments worker entitled “Review and looking forward” on 16 th June, 2014 at conference room, CRP -Mirpur (2 nd floor)

The workshop objectives issue-

•  To motivate garments authority for providing support in help for RHSTEP's garments related activity.

•  To identify subjects of SRHR for garments worker in Reproductive Health Service and Education Program of RHSTEP.

•  To ensure the health services for garments worker in RHSTEP's clinic.

•  To find out the problem and relevant solutions for SRH Education and Service

•  Planning for the future

Chaired by Quazi Suraiya sultana the Executive Director of RHSTEP the workshop was participated by 5225year garments personnel of different level from different garments industries in Dhaka and Gazipur. The program was graced by the presence of Mr. Delowar Hossain Director of Family Planning, Dhaka Division and Mrs Mirja Kamrun , Deputy Director of family planning, Dhaka District as guests.

Ms. Quazi Suraiya Sultana Executive Director of RHSTEP greeted all present in her welcome speech. She explained to the participants, “How each individual garment worker can maintain good health and can keep maintaining peace in their family”.

She also mentioned we have to be more careful about RHSTEP's reproductive health services to the community and to increase the services as well. She requested every garment worker to use sanitary napkin during menstruation period instead of using rugs or unclean things. She explained the usefulness of sanitary napkins to the participants. She ended her speech with thanks to all

25yearMrs Mirja Kamrun, Deputy Director of Family Planning invited RHSTEP team to take necessary steps for providing health services to the garments worker in different areas of health programs. She also requested to develop various health services for garments workers with the help of government and private organizations. She shared that “The motto of the family planning service week' 2014 and finally she ended her session inviting working together in the future planning.

25yearMr. Delowar Hossain, Director of Family Planning Dhaka Division delivered his speech greetings all in the workshop.. He mentioned that RHSTEP doing exactly the same as family planning authority intends to do. He expressed his thanks to RHSTEP. Since the adolescents reproductive health services considered as high risk in the community so, family planning department have got their plan to play an important role especially for the garments sector, few days ago in a BGMEA meeting it has been declared that, they have started work in 10-12 sector of garment to provide different health services which is going on across the country by the help of local ward commissioners.

From the workshop participants presented their opinion as follows-

•  Garments worker need 100 % awareness Education and Reproductive health service. They is healthy by ensuring their good health. When a worker will be healthy their productivity will increase automatically. By this way we can earn more foreign exchange.

•  From 12:00 to 1:00 pm is the best time to impart Reproductive Health Education to garments workers the factories. Mentioned session can be arranged once in a month. 25year

•  Garments workers want sanitary napkin facility in their own work place.

The program was concluded with the vote of thanks by Ms. Quazi Suraiya Sultana Executive Director of RHSTEP RHSTEP will try to incorporate suggestion and expectations received from the workshop in their activities planned for the next phase.


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