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Workshop on “Effectiveness of Trained MR Service Provider”

RHSTEP organized a day-long Workshop on “Effectiveness of Trained MR Service Provider” at Hotel Royal International, Khulna on 20 July 2011. This was a Divisional workshop with the participants from Divisional and District level health and family planning staffs from Khulna, Jessore and Narail districts. Altogether 190 selected FWVs, SACMOs, UFPO, Medical Officer and Assistant Medical Officer of MCH of Khulna, Jessore and Narail districts participated in the workshop. Besides, about 40 guests including Medical Officer, Assistant Professors of Gyne/Obs, Senior Professors of Gyne/Obs, Khulna Medical College Hospital, Jessore General Hospital and Narail Sadar Hospital, DDFP of Khulna, Jessore and Narail and local Journalists were also present in the workshop.

25yearPresided over by Dr. Shamsun Nahar, Associate Prof. & Dept. Head (Gyn & Obs), Khulna Medical College Hospital Mr. Md. Rabiul Haque, Divisional Director, Family Planning was present as Chief Guest and Dr. Q H. Ashgar, Superintendent of Khulna MCH & Project Advisor of RHSTEP, Khulna center was present as Special guest in the workshop.

In the workshop the participants came across with their different constraints and problem they are experiencing at their working areas. They also came up with different suggestions to overcome the problems/constraints they experienced. They also made suggestion on how the training program of RHSTEP can be developed more.

25yearFWVs from different district identified different issues through group discussion session and presented in the plenary. From the workshop it is identified that the MR training helps in decreasing population flow; reducing maternal mortality; create awareness about cervical cancer; increase family planning; reduce unwanted pregnancy etc. Besides the FWVs also identified different constraints and problems from their experiences in the locality such as heavy Blooding; use of Esovent; lack of necessary instrument with MR set; lack of manpower; lack of proper counseling; lack of Operation Theater etc. They also suggested different ways to get rid of those problems such as keep the higher authority informed; sterilization of instruments in high temperature; Referred clients to MOMCH; often buy syringe personally etc. The FWVs were also provide suggestions to improve the MR training in different ways like, facilitate OT with latest medical equipments; inform trainees about up-to-date MR equipments & medicine; revise training curriculum; include grass root level Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) under MR training; provide latest information to the trainees soon as possible etc.

25yearQuazi Suraiya Sultana, Executive Director of RHSTEP welcomed the participants. In her inaugural address she explained the objectives of RHSTEP with special emphasis on reaching the doorsteps of the masses dwell in the remote pockets and are deprived of adequate health facilities specially SRHR services. Md. Mahbubul Haque, Program Coordinator, RHSTEP presented the RHSTEP in the workshop. The Vice President of the Executive Council of RHSTEP Mrs. Rowshan Ara Hafiz reiterated the need for more spaces.

25yearThe special guest Dr. Q H. Ashgar, Superintendent of Khulna MCH & Project Advisor of RHSTEP, mentioned that he is feeling proud to be part of this program. Workshops always evaluate the activities of any organization’s success. GO- NGO collaboration provides better facilities and support to the clients. For bringing more improvement in the services Hospital Directors and Dept. Head of Obs & Gyn will take measures necessarily. He also mentioned that FWVs will be benefited from this workshop through sharing there views problem and recommendation.

25yearThe FWVs and FWAs are the core of the Family Planning activities in Bangladesh mentioned the Chief Guest Mr. Rabiul Haque, “Without them it would never be possible reducing TFR and MMR in the country context” he added. He thanked RHSTEP for organizing this huge program that enable all the participants and policy people from DGFP and DGHS discuss on their activities, problems at their working areas. He hoped that the findings of the workshop would be useful for making the activities of FWVs and FWAs more effective and supportive in achieving national targets in regard to Family planning as well as concerned MDGs.

25yearThe Chairperson, Dr. Shamsun Nahar, Associate Prof. & Dept. Head (Gyn & Obs), Khulna Medical College Hospital and Technical Advisor of RHSTEP thanked the Chief Guest and Special Guest for their kind presence and valuable discussion in the workshop. She mentioned that RHSTEP is working for long time in Khulna Medical college Hospital and providing SRH support to clients as well building capacities of Service providers in the country context and established its credibility and brand name in the SRHR sector in Bangladesh. He hoped that this would provide a bridge between field level workers and policy maker in analyzing pros’ and cons’ of working at the field level staff and taking necessary measures accordingly. He also thanked the Executive Council members present from RHSTEP and all the participants for their active participation in the workshop.

25yearMrs. Nazma Ayesha Akhter, Member of Executive Council of RHTEP conveyed “Vote of thanks” to the Chief Guest, Special Guests, and the Chairperson for their valuable discussion. She thanked all the participants for their sincerer and enthusiastic participation in the workshop. She also thanked the staff from the RHTEP central office and Khulna, Jessore and Narail for organizing such a successful program.

The program was concluded with a colorful cultural program participated by local cultural groups and RHSTEP staff from Khulna.


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